FABRİKA ENERJİ AYDINLATMA ÇELİK METAL İMALAT SAN. ve TİC. LTD. ŞTİ;  With its experience, it has become a dominant company both in the national and international arena and it is in the position of the locomotive company in its sector.

The mission of our company; reliable product range. Service quality and competitive position to become a preferred company. The most basic feature of our company is to lead the development and change with an innovative point of view.

FABRİKA ENERJİ sees its customers as partners. Our company’s strategy keeps customer satisfaction in the foreground with fast, timely and flexible production concept without sacrificing quality.

Main sectors served are; Construction, Lighting, Iron and Steel Industry, Automotive and Rail Transportation, Mining, Health, Shipbuilding, Machinery and Electricity Industry.

The main countries in which our company exports to all over the world are working; Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Turkmenistan, Czech Republic, Egypt, Qatar, Greece, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Jordan, Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq and United Arab Emirates.

Our company located in Ankara produces 3,000m2 open area, 6.000m2 closed production area and 3.000m2 storage area in our 12.000m2 facilities in the frame of international standards.

TSE, TSEK, ISO 9001, ISO 1400, OHSAS 18001 quality certificates, know-how and experience are the leading companies in the sector with BY FABRIKA brand.

Our Product Portfolio;

  • Conical pole,
  • Polygonal Direction,
  • Lighting Pillar,
  • Power Transmission Direction,
  • Camera Direction,
  • Flagpole,
  • Projector Pillar,
  • Elevated Mast,
  • Solar Energy Direction,
  • Auto Handrails,
  • Highway Barriers,
  • Omega Point of View,
  • Basutular Poles,
  • Tag Systems,
  • Laser cutting,
  • Plasma Cutting,
  • Cutting Guillotine,
  • Abkant Bend