Flag  pole; For long life, hot dip galvanizing is applied to the poles according to TS914-ENISO 1461 standart. After galvanization, painting can be applied also if desired. For the flag pole system there are two alternatives; inner rope and outer rope. At the inner rope system, the flag can turn around 360 degrees downwind (infinite rotating). The raising and lowering is done eighter by pulley or electrical lifting , according to the height of the pole.

The flag poles are produced according to client’s request at the desired height. Statical design is made in accordance with “ASCE manuel 72″. The poles up to 12 meters are produced as one-piece body, higher than 12 meters are formed by means of slip-joined method. Circular or square base flange whose size depends on the pole height, is welded at the bottom of the pole for anchorage base mounting.